Integrative Massage Therapy
with Megan Runkel
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Megan Runkel, LMP
About Me....
Megan Runkel has been living in Bellingham, WA off and on since 2000 and doing massage since graduating from Heartwood Institute in 2007 as a Holistic Health Practitioner.  I am truly fascinated and humbled by the human body and feel very fortunate to work with people to create healing and ease in their lives.

When I am not working, I am outside camping, hiking with my Jack Russell mix Mila, biking, reading, scuba diving, traveling the world, and going on as many adventures as I can.
The body holds all of the answers we need; the hardest part is quieting our minds in order to hear it speak
​The following is a comprehensive list of all the classes I have taken with certifications, starting with the most recent.

In September 2016 I took The Brain Speaks 1, a cranial sacral class focused on the brain.  In this class we learned how to touch every structure of the brain and how to assess whether each part is moving in the CST rhythm, and how to be present with that part in order to release any tension, physical or energetical to get brain structures working efficiently.

In May 2016 I was a Teaching Assistant for CS1 for the Upledger Institute.  I assisted students in learning how to feel the CST rhythm, correct hand placements, and therapeutic presence.  I hope to continue to assist in future classes.

In 2016 I am working on my Cranial Sacral Therapy Certification through the Upledger Institute.

In February 2016 I took VM3, Visceral Manipulation 3, the 3rd in the VM series through the Barral Institute.  This class focused on the pelvis and all the organs and ligamentous and fascial attachments in this very important and sensitive area.

​In December 2015 I took SER2, Somatic Emotional Release 2, the 4th core class through the Upledger Institute.  This class deepened my CST presence and knowledge of how to facilitate using dialogue with your inner physician.

In April 2015 I took CASR, Clinical Applications for Cranial Sacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute.   I worked with an advanced teacher here in town to work on his clients (and each other) to hone my skills at listening to the body and to get more direct to what the core of the issue may be, as well as follow how the body wants to unwind.  Using multi-hands treatments (multiple therapists all working on the same person) I received strong validation for what I was feeling under my hands and stronger ways of feeling what was happening.

In January 2015 I took VM2, Visceral Manipulation 2, the second in the series from the Barral Institute.  This class taught me the anatomy of all of the remaining organs and supporting structures in the abdomen and how to unwind them.

In January 2015 I took  SER1,  Somatic Emotional Release 1, the third core class in the Upledger Institute.  This class went from a technique focus to a more process focus, helping me to learn how to better read the body.

In November 2013 I continued my Cranial Sacral Training with CS2 (cranial sacral 2) from the Upledger Institute.  This expanded on CS1 and went more in depth into the bones of the face and inside the mouth to release hidden tensions.  

In December 2012 I took level 1 of Visceral Manipulation with the Barral Institute.  This course showed me how to feel many of the organs in the abdomen and how to invite them to unwind themselves for enhanced function and pain reduction.

In November 2012 I began more Cranial Sacral Therapy training with the Upledger Institute.  This course was CS1  (cranial sacral 1), re-learning alot of what I learned at heartwood but with a greater focus on techniques and is a starting base for more courses.

In July 2010 I took level 1 of Acutonics.  It uses tuning forks on the acupuncture meridians, based in traditional chinese medicine theory.  It is just like acupuncture but uses planetary vibrations (tuning forks) instead of needles.

In May 2010 I completed 250 hours in Advanced Certification in Orthopedic Massage.  This structural rebalancing uses focused assessment for gentle and accurate treatment of postural alignment.  Great for specific injuries and helping you feel more at ease in your body.

In January 2009 I took the INTRA-ORAL work endorsment, allowing me  to be able to work inside the mouth to work on TMJ problems and relieve tension from muscles that move the jaw.

In Dec. 2007 I became Nationally Certified through NCTMB, passing the national exam for therapeutic massage and bodywork.

For my basic  massage training I attended Heartwood Institute for the Holistic Health Practitioner program.  I graduated in August 2007 with 1,035 hours over 1 full year giving me a well rounded training.  From Heartwood I received training in the following modalities: 
*Swedish massage- lighter, longer flowing movements to increase  circulation and relax the whole body
 *Deep Tissue Massage- more targeted to specific muscles and layers of deeper muscles to release adhesions and scar tissue associated     with chronic pain and tension. 
*Shiatsu Acupressure- using stretching and pressure on the meridians of energy that flow through the body 
*Polarity Therapy- energetic work balancing the positive and negative  poles of the energy body 
*Cranial Sacral Therapy- subtle energetic touch working with  the nervous system and the cranial bones to release adhesions and     bring balance back to the body 

My time at Heartwood changed my life.  Living and studying in a secluded and healing environment helped me to really embody what I was learning... how to be present.  No matter how many moves  or muscles I know, the most important thing I learned at Heartwood was how to be present, both with myself and with my client.   Mornings contained tai chi, qigong, or yoga.  Weekends were filled with giving bodywork sessions to people throughout the community.  My diet was (and still is) all organic, natural foods that help the body to function at its highest potential.  My teachers were wonderful: extremely knowledgeable and taught me about life as well.  

I also have training in Reiki, completed may 2005.  Reiki is energy medicine using subtle hand placements to bring about the body's own natural healing process.  This training really helped me to connect to the universe and underlies all of the work that I do.  Level 2 certified.