How many of us live with constant pain or tension in our body everyday?  We deserve to feel great  (not just pain free!) and have enough energy to do whatever we like, every single day.

The body holds all of the answers we need... it is the quieting of the mind in order to hear what the body is telling us that is the hard part. 
When our body hurts, it is trying to tell us something.  The body wants to heal itself, it wants to feel good.  But sometimes we need help from outside to get the ball rolling.  Massage therapy is one of the best tools to help us to feel where our tension is and help us release it. As the facilitator, I can give your body the push it needs to start its own healing cycle.

Sometimes we don't know that a muscle hurts until it is touched, or we know that our shoulder hurts, but not what is causing the pain.  Sometimes we forget what it feels like to live without pain!  Massage can help by targeting and releasing those tight muscles leaving you feeling more relaxed with greater range of motion.

Physical pain usually has an associated energetic component.  To really heal we need to look at the whole person, to connect to their energetics as well as the physical body.  I combine energetic presence with skilled knowledge of the body to give you a well rounded massage session. 

I work with people from all areas: looking for relaxation, specific new injury treatment, working with old injuries and patterns of restrictions, and people looking to let go of old patterns and use your body in its most efficient capacity.

Massage is not just a luxury- it is an integral part of keeping you healthy, helping to  PREVENT injuries by helping your body work at its optimum functionality.

Give yourself the gift of health... one hour (or more) where you have nothing to do, nowhere to go... the only requirements are to take a deep breath and allow your body to sink into the table.